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Keystone Gallery LogoSince 1991!

We are located between the towns of Oakley and Scott City, Kansas on US 83 overlooking the Smoky Hill valley and the Badlands of Kansas region.

If you're trying to find us by Google or other internet sites, our mailing address might not work. We are located on Dakota Road and US Hwy 83 in Logan County, KS. There is a map on our downloadable brochure. You can also try the following GPS coordinates:

N 38° 44.578'
W 100° 52.116'

Keystone Gallery is a combination museum art gallery, and gift shop. The museum section contains an extensive, scientific collection of local Kansas fossils including a 20-foot Mosasaur and a 14-foot Xiphactinus. Many other fish, turtle, and bird fossil specimens are also on display.

Our museum also houses a collection of paintings and other artwork by Chuck Bonner—as featured on the art page—and scenic photography by Barbara Shelton.

Since our inception, we have hosted numerous visitors from fascinating backgrounds, including many states and foreign countries. Our visitors’ interests vary widely; they include the local Monument Rocks formation, Kansas fossils, and the various fossils and minerals for sale in the gallery. Some visitors just stop by out of curiosity about the building’s history or the bison herd.

Keystone was a church from 1917 to 1953, but had been abandoned until we bought it. You can find an in-depth history of the gallery in the “Area” section of our site.

Please pay us a visit while you are in the neighborhood and see more information under the “Area” section. You can see some of the books, websites, and other places we've appeared, as well as events we've attended, on our publicity page.

The Gallery

Chuck and Barbara on Video

Chuck and Barbara have been featured on many TV, video and film projects over the years. Ten million viewers watched NOVA: Making North America, in November of 2015, and you can see our photos from the filming here. You'll find a clip on our You Tube channel, along with the film Chuck and Barb Go Hunting by Katy Scoggins, a five-minute fossil bed adventure.


You can become a fan of Keystone Gallery on Facebook. Special events and updated information will be posted there.

Keystone Gallery BrochurePDF Brochure and Monument Rocks Map

Download a PDF of our brochure. It includes a map showing how to get to Keystone Gallery and Monument Rocks from U.S. Highway 83. You can also download just the map.

Western Vistas Historic Byway

Keystone Gallery is one of the primary sites along the WVHB route. Our historic limestone building plus our museum full of fossils make for a great interpretation of the past, both historic and geologic. Join us on our quest to increase the knowledge of western Kansas' contributions to the realms of science and history.

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