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Handel T. Martin Letter

Letter from Handel T. Martin


May 19-29

Mr. M.C. Bonner


Dear Sir;-

Your letter of the thirteenth with enclosed Photos received.

For the past thirty years I have worked the fossil beds of Logan-Gove-Trego Graham-Scott, Wallace, and in fact all the Cretaceous beds, the proceeds of these yearly trips are all housed in our Museum here, so you will see that we already have a vast collection of fossils from these beds. In fact we have the best collection from Western Kansas I think known, which includes many skulls, and some skeletons of Portheus, as well as many duplicates of every species known from these beds, both Fish, Reptile, Pterodactyl, and Birds.

I am returning the Photographs so you will be able to use them for some other prospect. I think you will find that most of the institutions are already supplied with Kansas Cretaceous Fossils. Before coming to K.U. I collected twelve years for commercial use from these beds, and the Sternberg outfit have been collecting things from there for forty years for sale, so you will see most of the Schools and Museums are stocked pretty well.

Yours Sincerely

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