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Available Facilities and Road Conditions

No matter which route you are taking to visit some of our area’s attractions, there are a few facts you will need to keep in mind.

Fuel: Please fill up with gas. There are no service stations in the area between Scott City, Oakley, and Russell Springs.

Restaurants: Except the Beach House at Lake Scott State Park, there are no food services available. Pack a picnic lunch for the remote areas and bring plenty of water to drink.

Roads: It is not advisable to travel on any of the dirt roads during wet weather. If they look muddy, they are. The tow truck drivers are reluctant to pull you out and it’s a long way to walk to town.

This page specifically deals with sites found within a ten mile radius of the Keystone Gallery.

Monument Rocks

Monument Rocks has been recognized for years as a scenic attraction. These monolithic chalk formations rise out of the prairie like sentinels. Visitors have compared them to Stonehenge and geologically their age is similar to the White Cliffs of Dover, England. This section gives visitors a brief view of what they can expect and helpful hints for visiting this area.

Lake Scott State Park

Lake Scott State Park is a dazzling “oasis” hidden on the plains and the first state park designated in the state of Kansas. Within its confines resides El Cuartelejo, the remains of the northeasternmost Indian pueblo in the United States. We have a cabin at the lake available for rent. It has a spectacular canyon view from the back porch and is easy walking distance to the lake.

Little Pyramids

The “Little Pyramids” are located north of the lake and are a smaller version of Monument Rocks.

Battle of Punished Woman Fork

The Battle of Punished Woman Fork took place just south of Lake Scott and was the last Indian battle in Kansas. This historically important site is off the beaten path.

History Page

The history page has more in-depth information about Indian sites, the old Keystone Church, C.K.& O. railroad, and the Smoky Hill Trail that transversed this area. The Keystone Renovation page describes how Barbara and Chuck restored the old stone buildings and added an alternative energy system.

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